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Our approach

A unique experience

Harmony with nature
Through traditional and lasting development methods, respecting the natural cycle of the seasons,
Jural ensures a perfect maturation of its products.

Select breeding
At Jural we breed a rare indigenous black porcine race for the exceptional quality of its meat: The Woolly Pig Swallow. This rare race with its rich and flavoured meat leads to a true delicacy.


Intergrated process
Jural follows an integrated process, from Jural breeding, to the maturing cellar.

Patience guarantees the quality
Slaughter of our woolly pigs occurs only between the ages of 18 - 24 months, just at the moment when their meat becomes spotted and marbled. The best products are subjected to a long maturing process which can exceed 3 years. Only an optimal result counts.


Food safety
Through a complete control from the breeding to the distribution, including the production of its products, Jural aims to contribute to good health and food safety.

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