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 Jural contributes to the biodiversity through its engagement in the breeding of the Woolly Pig Swallow and obtains the ProSpecieRara label.
ProSpecieRara is a non-profit foundation, which objective is to ensure the diversity of the genetic patrimony. Its label is the guaranty of a high-quality work for the preservation of rustic animal races and native vegetal species, which survival is at risk.
 Jural ensures thus the high quality of its products through a thorough follow-up of its entire supply chain, starting from the breeding of its Woolly Pig Swallow and respecting scrupulously the specificities of this race, in particular with an healthy diet of excellent quality, and extensive fattening on grazing ground in the open air.
ProSpecieRara stresses, through its label represented by a logo, on products of quality resulting from a work of conservation attentive and serious, which guarantees the preservation of an invaluable cultural historical and genetic  heritage,  for the well being of future generations. 
 Jural  fully shares these values and you will find from now on the ProSpecieRara logo on all our products containing woolly pig.



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